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Fault codes for Bosch and Simtec Mpi main engine ECU
The warning lamp will illuminate when the ignition is turned on, but will go out as soon as the engine is started.
It will, however, stay on if the ecu detects a fault with the engine. If it is a serious fault the ecu will switch to
an emergency programme, and allow the vehicle to be driven to a garage for repair.
To activate fault codes, connect wire A and B of the 10 pin diagnostic plug. Fault codes will display as
flashes - with code 12 being 1 flash, 13 being 2 and so on. To erase the fault code, turn the ignition on/off 25
times. Otherwise disconnect the battery earth lead for at least a minute. This will, however, erase the memory
from other electronic units
12 Diagnosis initiated
13 Lambda Sensor (Open circuit)
14 & 15 Coolant temperature sensor (Voltage Low & High
16 & 17 Knock Sensor 1&2 respectivley. (No voltage charge)
18 Knock control unit (no signal)
19 Crankshaft sensor (incorrect signal)
21 & 22 Throttle position sensor (voltage high & low
23 Knock control module
24 Vehicle speed sensor (no signal)
25 - 29 Injector valve 1-5 respectively (voltage high)
31 Crankshaft sensor (no signal)
32 Injector valve 6 (voltage high)
33 & 34 EGR valve (voltage low and high respectively)
35 Idle speed control valve
37 Fault code light (voltage low)
38 & 39 Lambda senor (voltage low and high respectively)
41 & 42 Vehicle speed sensor (voltage low and high respectively)
44 & 45 Lambda sensor (weak and rich mixture respectively)
46 & 47 Air pump relay (voltage high and low respectively)
48 & 49 Battery voltage (low and high respectively)
51 Electronic control unit (hardware failure)
52 Fault code light (voltage high)
53 & 54 Fuel pump relay (voltage low and high respectively)
55 Electronic control unit (hardware failure)
56 & 57 Idle air control (voltage low and high respectively)
59 Inlet manifold valve 1 (voltage high)
61 & 62 Fuel tank vent valve (voltage low and high respectively)
63 Inlet manifold valve 1 (voltage high)
65 & 66 Idle co potentiometer (voltage low and high respectively)
67 Throttle valve switch
68 Idle speed switch (not opening)
69 & 71 Air temperature sensor (voltage low and high
72 Throttle valve switch (not opening)
73 & 74 Air flow sensor (voltage low & high respectively)
75 Air transmission torque control (voltage low)
76 Air transmission torque control (Ignition retard long)
79 Traction control (Incorrect ignition/igntion cutoff)
81-86 Injector valve 1 - 6 (voltage low)
87 & 88 Air conditioning cutoff relay (voltage low)
89 & 91 Lambda sensor heater (voltage low and high respectively)
92 Camshaft sensor (incorrect signal)
93 & 94 Hall effect sender (voltage low and high respectively)
97 Traction control (incorrect signal)
98 Lambda sensor (open circuit)
113 Boost control (out of range)
114 Boost pressure idle (above upper limit)
115 Boost pressure full (below upper limit)
116 Boost pressure (above upper limit)
117 & 118 Waste gate valve (voltage low and high respectively)
121 Lambda sensor 2 (weak mixture)
122 Lambda sensor 2 (rich mixture)
123 Inlet manifold 1 (blocked)
124 Inlet manifold 2 (blocked)
132 EGR valve (Incorrect signal)
133 & 134 EGR valve 2 (voltage high and low respectively)
135 Fault code light
136 & 137 Electronic control unit
141 Secondary air pump (not enough air)
142 Secondary air pump (air without pump)
143 Immobiliser function in ECU (no/incorrect signal)
144 No immobiliser signal received
145 Incorrect immobiliser signal received
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